Qt4 reCaptha Mailhide

This little program gives you a Qt4 GUI for the reCaptcha Mailhide functionality. You can test the result here: tob...@diekershoff.net and you can use this adress to contact me if you like.

The program is release under the GNU GPL3.


I've written the program in Python 2.5 and you need the following modules:

  1. PyQt4
  2. configobj
  3. recaptcha-client
For the installation a setup.py is included so you can install the package with
python setup.py install
and then call qtrecaptcha to execute it.


You can get the program from bitbucket either from the mercurial repository or as prepacked zip or tar.gz archive.

To clone the repo just type hg clone https://bitbucket.org/tobiasd/qtrecaptcha/.

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