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StatusNet is an federated open source microblogging platform for which you can write your own plugins. This plugin enables the Textile markup syntax for users of a SN server while retaining the StatusNet syntax. The screenshot at the right shows an example posting using some Textile stuff.

The plugin supports the entire Textile syntax, only the @code@ tag from the Textile syntax was replaced by a @@code@@ tag. This was done because the @ is used by StatusNet to address users. The original code tag collides in particular with addressing remote StatusNet user.


version 0.3 of the plugin was bundled 01/27/2012 fixing an issue with the README file (thanks @Chimo) and removes the line from the code that potentionally made trouble with SN1.0 but was necessary for SN0.9.7 and below. You can grab the zip archive from bitbucket.

version 0.2 of the plugin was bundled 01/16/2011, which does include the @@code@@ tag. You can download it from the repository at bitbucket but beware of the updated README file.

Version 0.1 of the plugin was released on 08/19/2010. It does not contain the @@code@@ tag, that was added later. It was basically released for bug hunting so please think twice before using it on a production server and be aware that the plugin slows down the rendering process a bit. Anyway you can grab it here: TextilePlugin-0.1.tar.bz2.

Bugs, Documentation, Repository...

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please contact me! By mail, via OStatus (it's, the tracker, whatever ... I think you'll find a way!

I've set up a project page in my bitbucket with all the stuff. There's a wiki for documentation, a bug tracker and all the other fun. You'll also find all downloads there, not just the latest one.

For those of you that feel the tarballs for download are not enough you can find the code repository at bitbucket. If you add something to the tracker there, I'll add them later in the redmine :-)

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