This is a small python script, that calls the rename(1) command in the current directory, and every subdirectory found below (recursively). It's licensed under a BSD license, hope it helps you *g* Please report any bugs (server may not be online) you encouter to, but beware I'm not sure, that I can help...

Dependencies: python (os, sys, glob), rename(1) (only tested with the perl style, that comes f.e. with Sidux [Debian Sid/Lenny])

Download: You can download the script here version 0.1 (tar.gz) and check it with my gnupg signature for it.

A note of warning in the end: This script was written as some sort of learning python so I don't actually really know if this is the best way to implement the stuff. But it seems to work on my linux box ;-)

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