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Shadowlaboratories: Weaponsmith © 2001 by Tobias Diekershoff
"Firearm Creation Guidelines" © 1999 by Peter Millholland
Shadowrun is since 2001 a registred trademark of WizKids LLC

This program is FREEWARE and may be copied freely (as long as all files are copied and are not changed). If you want to distribute this program on your homepage - then ask me before via eMail under

Under no circumstances you are allowed to sell this program.


The Weaponsmith is a small program for Windows 3.1 (it's running also under Windows 9x and ME for XP I don't know) for creating weapons for Shadowrun, using the rules presented in Peter Millhollands "Firearms Creation Guide".


Operationsystem: Windows (tested under Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/ME/XP and under WINE)
Version: 1.0e
Requirements: BWCC.DLL (see below)
DOWNLOAD   SRLABWEp-1.0e-1.ZIP (size ca. 30kB)

PS: If you are using Linux, you might want to look at the Linux version of the Weaponsmith. It has more features from the "Firearms Creation Guidelines" included than the Windows Version - so have a look.


The BWCC.DLL is necessary for the Windows Weaponsmith and have to be copied to the Windows systemdirectory (e.g. C:\windows\system). Operationsystem: Windows
DOWNLOAD   BWCC.ZIP (size ca. 45kB)

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